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Arno Roesems graduated in 2017 from the KASK & CONSERVATORIUM School of Arts in Ghent as a performing classical musician and currently makes his way through the musical landscape without borders. This led him to explore different styles and genres but also different disciplines where improvisation, jazz, classical and performance music come together. He is a member of the contemporary classical Nemø ensemble, played in different orchestras, including the Brussels Philharmonic, and as a stand-in for the Bl!ndman Saxophone Quartet. He played as a classical soloist during the BAL festival of De Bijloke together with Pianist Nathalie Matthys in 2017. His search in music led him to the world of theater with productions of Ultima Vez, Kopergietery and KVS, but also bigbands, jazz combos, rock bands, pop bands and even punk music. He uses these experiences to blur the boundaries between musical genres and share his interpretation with the listener. 

Currently, Arno is working on his own material and taking lessons with Bob Reynolds, LA based Grammy winning jazz saxophonist and member of Snarky Puppy.


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